13 Small Patio Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces blog

1. Patio Garden

Even with a tiny space, you can build a beautiful, flourishing patio garden. Better yet, you can grow fruit and vegetables produce to cut your grocery bill and save money.

Consider hanging pots or placing them on shelves to increase your space. Plants like zucchini and cucumber tend to grow like crazy and take over your patio. That’s great if you want a lot of greenery but are only allowed so many pots.

Plants like carrots, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, and salad greens are hardy and healthy. You should be able to grow them in your patio garden quickly.

Find out what grows best in the seasons in your area, and start producing. If you can, talk to another person with an awesome looking small patio garden and get their advice.

2. Small Drink Space for Two or Three

You don’t need much room to build a beautiful, cozy little drink space. Instead of a large patio dining table or a kitchen table, opt for a small coffee table or two or three end tables.

Get seating from yard sales, garage sales, and thrift shops. It’ll save you money, but it’ll also give you time to find unique pieces you’ll love, which will add to an eclectic fee. You can buy bright and shiny outdoor cushions new. Just make sure the new cushions can also handle the weather.

Add a drink tray, citronella candle, and some outdoor pillows. If you have an awning, consider adding sheer curtains or fairy lights for a magical feel at night.

That’s all you need for a unique, cozy, patio drink space. Sip wine and cocktails while watching the sunset.

3. Go Rustic

Rustic chic is a beautiful way to style a small patio space.

Fill your small space with relaxed canvas camping chairs, Turkish blankets, and succulents.

With a rustic-chic style, opt for natural tones, rough textures, and desert-style plants. Aloe vera, succulents, and cacti are great choices.

Make good use of chic worn wood end tables or even a pallet swing or other furniture if there’s room for it. Add a rug with a native pattern to it, or a bright blanket or pillow for a creative chic look.

4. Small French Patio

As with a patio garden, a french patio is loaded with plants. But instead of produce plants, opt for big leafy palmate plants. Examples of edible patio plants include the fig tree or a bromeliad.

With French style, it’s about creating simplicity and mystery. Hidden amongst your plants, add a small dining table big enough for one to three people. To use most of its space, keep it barren.

In the morning, enjoy your coffee or tea and read a good book. Relax outside for brunch. Enjoy a red wine and rich dark chocolate with your loved one. Watch the sunset through the green leafy aura at night.

All the while, you’ll have your own little secluded French sanctuary.

5. Bohemian Patio

Bohemian is about keeping things natural, relaxed, and full of good vibes. Add lots of outdoor pillows, plants, and textures.

When you design a bohemian patio, pay attention to textures, colors, and materials. Keep things in neutral tones. It’s okay to add occasional pops of color, but pay attention to how they affect mood and stick to blues. Reds can cause tension and spots of heat.

Textures are important. Mix coarse canvas textures with soft fluffy pillows. Add an outdoor rug and plenty of plants.

If you have space, consider adding hanging decor. Consider fairy lights, beads, dream catchers, and wind chimes. Your decor should be relaxing and inspiring to keep the vibe right.

6. Elegant Leafy Sunny Patio

With this type of patio, your leafy awning is the centerpiece, so keep the rest simple. If you have a trellis, grow vines or another leafy green plant across the top.

You may want to grow a flowering plant. But keep in mind pollen and flowers can find their way into your morning coffee.

Growing plants on your trellis will create shade, fresh air, and relaxing space.

Consider how you plan to use your space. If you want to entertain friends with outdoor meals, add a long, simple metal dining table. If it’s you and one or two friends, make the atmosphere more cozy with a small breakfast table. Either way, keep it simple.

Consider adding a light fixture. You have two practical options that may work. You can add fairy lights all along the trellis to light up the leaves at night. Be aware that the lights don’t burn your plants.

You can add a prominent statement light fixture as a second option. Either one is a great choice.

Curious how to get enough storage in your tiny kitchen to entertain guests? We have kitchen storage hacks to help.

7. Take Advantage of the Scenery

If you’re lucky enough to have a patio with pleasant scenery, take advantage of it. Enjoy a city skyline at night, ocean or mountain views, or a soothing part of the river.

When you have good scenery, create a spacious feel to the patio. Add plenty of seating space so you can enjoy the view from different angles. Keep your decor simple but cozy and convenient. The central part is the view, and you’re there simply to take advantage of it.

8. A Chic Restaurant Booth

If you want to entertain, but have a tiny space, turn it into a chic restaurant booth. Line the outside edge with booth seating, like in a restaurant. Add a table and two bar stools to finish off the fourth side.

Hang paper lanterns or another statement light piece, and hang a piece of art on a wall. Add cushions and keep it cozy. Put a centerpiece, like a vase of flowers or stylish bottles, and you’re done!

9. Winter Patio

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your patio has to go away. Winter is perfect for watching stars and the snow at night or enjoying a warm mug of cocoa with your loved ones.

But styling a winter patio is very different than designing a spring or summer patio. You may even need completely new patio furniture that can withstand the elements.

When you’re putting together your winter furniture, remember cozy is key. Add a set of up of wick candles or an outdoor fire pit for a bit of warmth. Woodwick candles will give you the sound of a crackling fire without burning your house down.

Your furniture should be warm. Go for natural elements like wood instead of plastic or metal. Keep heavy wool blankets nearby, so they’re ready any time you want to sit outside.

Making a beautiful winter patio is all about the danish hygge. Keep things cozy, warm, and natural. Add sprigs of pine or a wreath for some greenery.

10. Eclectic Furnishing

If you love upcycling, this type of patio is for you. Your furniture should go together, but it doesn’t have to match. Try to keep things in the same color scheme.

But take advantage of the unique pieces you can find. Consider an old war chest as a coffee table. Add unique seating like rocking chairs, or exotic home-made wind chimes.

Keep an eye out for unique artwork and hang it on any existing wall. Frame it with a bold frame or even ivy.

Your eclectic outdoor patio should be a place you can decorate in your style. Add conversation starter pieces or puzzle boxes. It’s your space, so design it your way.

11. Poolside Patio

If you’re lucky enough to live near a pool or seaside, make sure your patio is designed to accommodate that. Add lawn chairs where you can rest and sunbathe. Consider adding a bathroom cabinet outside where you can grab a towel on the fly.

Make sure you have an umbrella for sunny days. Consider some shell wind chimes and other beachy decor. And of course, don’t forget your sunscreen!

A poolside patio should be a convenient place where you can herd wet kids before they step inside. But it should be a place where you can relax in the sun with a good book or share a cocktail with a friend.

You may even want to consider preparing a patio bar cart that’s easy to pull out when you’re entertaining.

12. Wicker Lounge

Wicker furniture does a lot to stand up against the weather – so it’s perfect patio furniture. It comes in neutral tones to create a relaxing environment. Add patio pillows help to make it cozy.

You can opt for two or three different pieces. Consider a love seat piece, a lounge chair, and a cozy chair for one. Choose comfortable pillows in warm tones.

Place each of your pieces around a small coffee table with some coasters and a centerpiece to create a relaxed wicker lounge.

13. Vertical Wall Garden

As with a patio garden or a french patio, you want to fill your space with plants. But grow them in stacking pots along your walls to create a more enclosed, secluded forest feel. You can opt for flowering plants, edible plants, herbs, or whatever you choose.

Then add a cozy wicker chair and an end table with a candle where you can curl up and read or enjoy your coffee. You’ll be surrounded by relaxing greenery.

These Small Patio Ideas Will Inspire You to Build a Beautiful Space

There’s a lot you can do with a small patio space, and hopefully, these small patio ideas inspire you. To design a practical patio that works for you, keep in mind what you want your patio’s primary function to be.

It should be a place where you can relax and entertain guests, should that be your thing. Make it practical, but make it relaxing too.

Ready to design the patio of your dreams? We have outdoor furniture specific to small spaces. Check it out!



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