The German tradition of a Christmas tree is a worldwide phenomenon. Who knew that Queen Victoria’s family tradition of a small fir tree covered in candles and small gifts would bloom into a 30 million tree (in the U.S. alone!) holiday event? In the U.K., around 8 million live trees come from Denmark and Scotland to decorate homes.

What about when you live in a small space? Do you forgo the warmth and homey feeling of a Christmas tree?

Corner Christmas trees are the answer. Tall and narrow full trees or half- or quarter- cut trees let you create just the right holiday spirit without taking up valuable space.

Christmas Traditions Everywhere

The Christmas tree tradition goes back to 16th Century Germany but was not popularized until Queen Victoria of England married her very German cousin, Prince Albert. He brought the tradition of a Christmas fir lit with candles to Winsdor palace. From there, the fashion for Christmas trees grew and spread. 

Even now, in Japan, Russia, Hawaii, or Antarctica, you can find these symbols of Christmas cheer. Someone also sent a small tree to the astronauts at the International Space Station! 

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a tree for many families, so finding the right tree for a small space is a big job.

Artificial Trees Win in Small Spaces

If 96 million U.S. households display a Christmas tree (or two) and there are 30 million live trees in the U.S., it means that artificial trees are taking up the slack. For small spaces, artificial trees are the clear winner. No falling needles and no carefully balanced water dish to worry about.

The best part is no false choice between a full-looking fir that takes up all of your living space or a scraggly Charlie Brown stick that fits on top of a table. Artificial trees can be any shape, size, or color. Best of all, they are always the right size year after year.

If you are living in a small space, storage is probably a challenge, too. Here are the top five picks of space-saving corner trees to take into consideration. 

Corner Christmas Trees That Truly Fit in Corners

For people who want the look of a full Christmas tree but only have a corner, look for trees cut at a 90-degree angle. Those with a little more wall space could use a half-back tree, cut at a 180-degree angle. 

90-Degree tree

For those tight corners, the Home Heritage 7 Foot Corner Christmas Tree with LED White Lights and Stand takes up little space. It’s a full 7 feet tall, but only 18 inches wide. It’s proof that corner Christmas trees don’t have to look crowded!

It’s pre-lit with 150 cool LED lights for safety. No hot light bulbs to burn and smolder. LED lights are long-lasting and energy-efficient. Expect them to last year after year. 

The sleek design is based on a Stanley Pine. Perfect for Christmas cheer without a big footprint. It looks like a full tree, with room underneath for a gift or two.

180-Degree tree

With a little more room, check out this 7-ft Half Pine Christmas Tree looks like a full traditional tree, but it is cut to snuggly fit against the wall. Even the heavy-duty stand hugs the wall as a space saver. 

Dense branches and pre-wired lights mean easy decorating and set-up. The polyethylene branch tips and sturdy stand are intended for use after use. Timeless styling after the Westbrook pine gives this tree a natural look.

Unless someone goes looking, they’ll never notice it’s only part of a tree! You can place gifts at the foot of the tree, just like you would with a full tree.

Full Trees With Narrow Profiles

Tall narrow trees (aka pencil trees) give you 360 degrees of viewing and plenty of room to display ornaments; they just do it in a small footprint. Even if you can spare only a 2′ x 2′ square in your living room, this is a tree for you! These trees look good snuggled into a corner, tucked into a window nook or even behind a door.

About half the width of a traditional tree, these trees give plenty of decor value without blocking your view or walkways in your home. Choose just one tree if that’s all the room you have to spare or use these trees in every empty corner to amp up your holiday look.

Natural Look 

If you love the look of a natural tree and are short on the off-season space, the Easy-Treezy Natural 5.5 ft. Tree is an attractive choice. It comes pre-lit and tastefully decorated. The narrow `30-inch profile and open branches give you plenty of room.

Natural fir-like branches with gold, silver, and natural decor are timeless and look great every year. When it is time to store it away, the 20 lb tree flattens to just 5.5 feet tall. Slide it under a bed or onto a shelf.

Are the 5.5 feet of a tree not tall enough to bring the Christmas cheer into your home?? Place it on top of a coffee or side table for a taller display. At just 20 pounds, it won’t damage the table. No worries about water damage, like a real tree, either.

Easy Display and Storage

Want to go a little more extravagant, but concerned about the time for set-up and takedown? The Easy-Treezy 7.5 ft Christmas Tree is the answer. Sixty seconds to a fully decorated and lit Christmas tree. It is perfectly trimmed and snaps together with magnets.

The all-silver decor matches any holiday home. The design is neutral and timeless. At 36 pounds, it is heavy enough to avoid tipping and still lightweight enough for one person to handle easily.

It takes up just 36″ of floor space when assembled and flattens like a Frisbee to fit under a bed or in a closet for storage. 

Whimsy With Ease

Collapsible Christmas Tinsel Trees offer big Christmas cheer in a tiny footprint. Bright pink, green, silver, or any color that strikes your fancy comes in a pop-up tree. A collapsible pole and chandelier-like set-up make for near-instant holiday decor.

These trees look great on their own or clustered in small groups inside and outside. Put them up in seconds, take them down just as quickly. They store in a small flat package.

Celebrating Christmas in small spaces doesn’t mean giving up the cheer. Bring your favorite tree into a corner, hang it onto a wall or go non-traditional. There are plenty of options.

Non-Traditional Looks

You won’t have the warmth of an authentic Christmas tree, but there are plenty of DIY tricks to try. 


If you have a ceiling light fixture, fishing line, and patience, you can hang your Christmas decor spiraling down from the fixture. Of course, don’t plan on walking through the center. 

Limit your weight to a few cards and baubles. Most light fixtures can’t hold more than an extra sprig of mistletoe or two.

Decorate a Wreath Instead

A wreath on the wall or door lends some Christmas spirit and greenery without taking up valuable floor space. Choose colors and materials that make you feel in the spirit. 

Wreaths and garlands bring in the Christmas spirit, even if you don’t have room for a tree.

2D tree

Turn your tree into a wall-hanging Christmas decor. A poster, quilt, or even an artificial wall tree adds some holiday “bling” without taking up space. It’s a little more difficult to translate the presents under the tree to 2D, but you can always send gift cards!

Trace a tree onto your wall with string, ribbon, or lights. (use non-marring Blu-tack or 3M removable hooks). Add decorations cut from Christmas cards for pop. You can choose a green color or go wild with whatever you want. Leopard print tissue tree, anyone?

Re-Purposed Tree

It’s a little bit of a joke, but a large piece of furniture like your unused exercise bike or treadmill makes an excellent Christmas tree substitute. If space is tight anyway, why not just add lights and a few baubles?

What’s Your Christmas Tradition?

Whether it’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, hiding a glass pickle among the branches, or displaying the papier-mache ornaments your kids made in school, Christmas trees are part of the holidays. It just doesn’t feel like the festive season without a tree or two. 

Real Christmas trees are bulky and busy. They need water, and the stands take up valuable floor space. They can also be dangerous if allowed to dry or come in contact with an ignition source. Choosing an artificial tree has real advantages.

Corner Christmas trees allow you to respect tradition AND your space. Whether you have adopted the tiny house lifestyle, are living in an RV, or are traveling the continent, small spaces are here to stay.

Are you looking for more small space ideas? Keep reading here.



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