kids bedroom space saving e1527006403690Our philosophy at Gift of Space is that “Every Sq. Inch Counts”. We believe in space saving home goods that not only look great, but can provide extra space that can prove to be useful, no matter how small the space is. We aim to find that nifty, compact and expandable piece(s) of furniture that not only makes a great conversational piece but allows you to create more room for all areas of your place.

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A multi-function, convertible, and configurable sofa with ottoman and table top

Who would have thought that expanding your living space would be a wonderful gift to yourself, family or friend? Think about it, the more living space your current home has, the better comfort that you and everyone occupying the home will enjoy.

Imagine for a minute that your current dining setup only supports up to a total of 4 guests including you. With some of our specially chosen pieces of dining sets, that would be a problem of the past for you as it would support the capability of adjusting to sits up to 8 or 10 (depending on which make/model) of people that can sit at the table, doubling your seating capacity.

Gift of Space provides top quality, savvy, modern, and sophisticated furniture and accessories for homes of different sizes. At the end of the day, your place of comfort should be pleasant regardless of the size of your home.

Your place of living should allow you to utilize your furniture in a way that is convenient for you to free up and transform the space to your liking. Our site provides everything from multi-functional, portability, and easy to assemble home goods, as well as providing you or your family with additional storage capacity. Reclaim that precious real estate space by using foldable furniture that can be conveniently tucked away.

Check out the different kinds of furniture used in living spaces, even accessories used to help organize your drawers or closets. Turn that cozy bedroom into a fancy living room area, or organize your closet space in ways that will allow you to expand its capacity! Perhaps turn that coffee table into a luxury dining room table. Maybe store your spices in a nifty yet, accessible spice rack or even create a space in your kitchen walls to store your cookbooks! All in all, you will be pleased to see how much extra space and piece of mind that you will have. Now that is the kind of gift worth having!