Did you know that even Michelin Star chefs have found ways to produce delicious meals inside of a tiny kitchen?

It seems like no easy feat when you’re stuck in a kitchen without cabinets and no room for standard appliances. With a few clever placements and reorganization, you’ll have no trouble finding new ways to appreciate every inch of space.

Listed down below are some of the best solutions to turn your cramped kitchen into a cozy kitchen!

Stackable Storage

When you have a small kitchen without cabinets, stackable storage boxes are a huge asset. They come in a variety of shapes and designs to give you plenty of options for your necessities.

Labeling them makes it easier to pick and choose what you need at a simple glance, though using different colors for the same purpose works as well.

Since they stack upon one another, you’ll take up all of the vertical space within your kitchen that is going unused.

Stack them on the floor next to your counters or even stack them on top of the counters. They’re easy enough to move out of the way when you need more counter space!

Open Shelves

Depending on the place in which you live, it’s possible to install your own shelves on the walls around your kitchen. This is an easy DIY project that costs far less compared to cabinets, and it gives you so much extra space. Using shelves instead of cabinets frees up your counters for routine cooking procedures and all of your favorite appliances.

Some people prefer this type of style, as it opens up the room and gives the illusion of more space in their home. Make sure to keep the shelves organized using the rest of our tips to keep the shelves looking their best!

Sponge and Brush Caddy

This simple solution makes a huge difference for kitchens without cabinets. We always want to have our dish cleaning supplies in easy reach, but when you have limited space, they’re often a hassle to keep.

Try adding a specific caddy dedicated to your sponges and dish brushes into your kitchen. With this, you’ll have an out-of-the-way space that stops you from constantly moving those items around to free up counter space when you cook.

Corner Organizer

Many people find corners a problematic area to utilize. It’s an odd shape that doesn’t work well with many appliances or kitchen necessities.

That’s why a corner organizer is so great for a kitchen, as it takes up that awkward space while leaving all of the rest for other needs. Some are great for smaller things like spices, but others are big enough for plates and cutlery. Mix and match to find what works best for you and your cooking habits.

Burner Covers

Do you often find yourself needing a lot more counter space than what’s available? It’s difficult when you’re trying to make a complicated meal within a tiny kitchen.

Burner covers are great for when you’re prepping for a meal. Smaller individual covers make it easy to pick and choose which burner gets used and which burner is now an extra bit of counter.

Other styles act as a cover for the entire stovetop, giving you even more room for your cooking prep work. The cool thing about these larger varieties is that you could multipurpose them to cover your sink when the stove is in use.

Carousel Organizer

When you love cooking, spices are easy to collect, but they take up a lot of space. Those little bottles are tiny on their own, but we all tend to amass a large number of delicious spices that are impossible to throw away. You might need that cumin for your next best dish, after all.

A carousel-style organizer is a great way to keep all of those spices in one easy-to-use place. Not only does it host a crazy amount of spice bottles, but it also twists and turns anyway you like. This makes it a breeze to get the exact spice bottle you need when you need it.

Shelves on Wheels

When you’re unable to have shelves or cabinets installed within your kitchen, a shelving unit on wheels is the next best thing.

This device becomes your best friend in the kitchen. It moves around to be where you need it most, and it’s easy to turn it into whatever you need.

If you need more counter space, then use the top as extra horizontal space. If you need more storage, store everything on the shelves beneath. It’s sturdy enough for anything you desire.

Door Hanging Organizers

The back of a door is an underutilized area in most homes, but all changes with this kind of organizer. Hanging it from any door takes a matter of seconds, and it gives you a lot of extra storage space.

It doesn’t only have to hang in the kitchen, either. A disorganized living room turns into a place of utter relaxation with the help of one of these.

Use these throughout the entire house to maximize your space options!

Over-Sink Dish Rack

Most of us are used to placing the dish rack next to the sink. You end up taking away a lot of counter space with that style, so that’s why a product like this is a big help for any kitchen.

It stands over the sink, allowing the dishes to drain and dry as normal, but it takes up the vertical space instead. It’s a small change that makes a huge difference in the usable space of your kitchen!

A Kitchen Without Cabinets Is No Longer a Problem

These days, a kitchen without cabinets has so many different options to help with the organization. These options even make it so that a kitchen design without cabinets looks trendy and airy. Plus, with help from the ideas listed above, your kitchen will have a place for everything without ever feeling overwhelming.

The next time you go to make your favorite meal, you’ll feel comfortable enough to create a Michelin Star worthy dish!

Are there other places in your home that need some reorganization? Check out our space-saving items to give every part of your house the extra space you deserve!



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