You may think your small bedroom is destined to be a storage closet, but studies have shown that smaller houses could make you happier.

Think of compact rooms as a chance to create intimate, cozy, and functional spaces. Therefore, don’t be distraught over that tiny bedroom. Bedroom makeovers are a pathway to a perfect guestroom that will have your friends and family feeling welcomed.

Read on for all the tips and tricks that will make your small bedroom the ideal space in your house.


All ideas for small bedrooms should contribute to the illusion of space. Your first goal is to use items that make the room look bigger. Both small and large things can have this effect.

Think Big

It may sound counter-intuitive, but big furniture can make your room appear larger. As long as you have only a few objects in the room. The mind is tricked into thinking the room must be significant to fit these oversized pieces.


Vertical Space

Never forget that space goes up as well as side to side. Use the vertical space to add depth and for storage or displaying items.

Dramatic Drapes

Add curtains to the windows, walls, or around the bed. These will attract the eye from the floor to the ceiling, making it seem larger. It also adds a dramatic effect while keeping the room cozy.

Ceiling Beams

Wooden or metal beams can draw attention to the entire room and can become an optical illusion. This will only work if you have high or vaulted ceilings; otherwise, it could reduce your headspace.

Large Art

An oversized piece of art can make walls part of the room, expanding into the picture. Add one over the bed instead of a headboard to make the bed and other furniture look smaller.

Cozy Nest

Think of your room as a bird’s nest. There isn’t must space, but it makes up for it in comfort. Take advantage of this by filling the room with cozy things. Add blankets and pillows to a large bed for a napping room.


Small bedroom decor should always be clutter-free. Having too many decorations can turn your space into a nightmare. You want to move without stepping on something or knocking things over.

Rug Magic

A big rug does what art does for walls and beams do to the ceiling. It will make another focal point for guests to say, “wow, that is a big rug.”


You don’t want your small room to seem like a small, dark cave. But, you also don’t want to take up space with floor and table lamps. There are solutions to this problem that can make use of your limited space.

Scones and Hanging Lights

Install decorative scones next to or above the bed for perfect reading lights. Put a chandelier in the center of the room or above a vanity to add elegance without taking up floor space.

Leaning Mirrors

Placing a leaning mirror against the walls allows the mirror to be adjustable and movable. You can place it in front of direct natural light to get a reflecting glow throughout the room.

Natural Light

Having natural light in the room not only makes the room seem more significant by including the outdoor scenery, but it can also improve your mood and health. Make sure you do not cover windows with thick shades or add a window if possible.


The color of a room and its ornaments transform a space from drab to fab. It can also create illusions of space while making the room fun and playful.

Bright Accents

Think of your room as a painting. You want to draw the eyes around the room to take in the entire space. Adding colorful accents attracts your attention, so you don’t focus on the lack of space.

White Paint

White paint has a way of making a room seem open and airy, as well as fresh. The room won’t feel too cluttered or busy, which can be distracting when not done correctly.

Contrasting Colors

Sometimes having a matching color scheme makes the room seem repetitive and, therefore, small. High contrasting color makes big impressions and makes the brain look around the room for opposing color schemes.

Dark Walls

Painting with dark colors like a deep purple or grey can be tricky, but when done right, it works. Picture a narrow room with midnight blue walls. It will almost feel like a never-ending tunnel, stretching the room while filling a void of space.


The most difficult small bedroom decorating ideas involve furniture options. The bed usually takes up the most space, but you may need the room for multiple purposes. Here are some ways to make room for the furniture you need.

Discrete Workspace

If you need an area to serve as an office, there are ways to create a function without intruding on square footage. A floating desk and a transparent chair may be all that you need to work in comfort.


In small spaces, furniture needs to be multi-functional. An ottoman can serve as a footrest, storage unit, chair, or even a table. If you add a piece of furniture, be sure it can do more than one thing.

Murphy Bed

Since the bed is the largest item in a bedroom, removing the bed temporarily can add a lot of space to your room. This can make your entire room multi-functional as a fitness area or play space for kids.

Day Bed

A day bed takes up less space and is useful as a couch. Place it against the wall and facing the TV to have an entertainment center during the day and a bedroom at night.

Downsized Bed

If a single person is using the room, then you may not need a king- or queen-size bed. Using a twin mattress will free up more space for a closet or maybe even a bathroom.

Folding Furniture

Some furniture isn’t used all of the time. When it is not being used, it would be nice to have it folded and out of the way. Folding tables and chairs are convenient space-saving options.

Slim Pieces

Heavy and bulky furniture might not fit in some rooms, but you need something to store away your clothes. Try a narrow dresser or a skinny nightstand to eliminate this problem.

Storage and Display

Avoiding clutter doesn’t mean that you can’t have things in your bedroom. It just means that you need to hide the items you don’t use every day and find a home for the things you want on display.

Floating Shelves

Consider a shelf that doesn’t take up any floor space and serves as a place for your prized possessions. Make it a floating shelf to remove its 3D dimensions. This will make it look more like a painting rather than a shelf.

Cut Outs and Built-ins

Your room may have cut out spaces in the walls or built-in shelving. If it doesn’t, then ask a contractor if it is possible to create some. If you live in an apartment, then this option will not work.

Creative Shelves

Look for unconventional shelving options like window sills and ledges. You won’t have to do anything but place your objects as you like.

Leaning Ladders

A display ladder gives the appearance of space while displaying your possessions. It does this by not taking up much floor space and by being slim.

Under the Bed Storage

Use the space under your bed for items like off-season clothing, toys, and blankets. You can use storage bins or buy an extension with drawers.


A themed-room feels nurtured and intentional. Picking items to accent your room can make it feel special.

House Plants

You may wonder how you will fit large plants in such a small room, but they can be placed strategically. Use them just like any other piece of furniture. They can fill an empty corner or hang above the window as a sun-soaking ornament.

Unique Wallpaper

With unique decorating taste, some funky wallpaper can add to the ambiance of the room. Just make sure it is bold yet not overwhelming. It can also give the illusion of depth like a fake bookshelf against the wall.

Crafty Materials

Make the room interactive and fun by adding items like a Lego-building wall for a kid’s room or a chalkboard for an artsy escape. These items will make the room more desirable and get more use.


Using dividers for a small bedroom design can make the room seem larger and multi-functional. Add curtains or a shelving unit to separate work, play, and sleep areas.


Not all small bedroom ideas are for everyone. But, if you are able and willing, making your bedroom a loft will open up the floor for seating and entertainment.

Start Shopping for Bedroom Makeovers

You may not feel inspired to start bedroom makeovers if you have old furniture, dull paint on the walls, and no decorating ideas. If so, start by looking for inspiration by going shopping until something jumps out at you.

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