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Trying to find a place to store all of your belongings can be nothing short of a nightmare. In today’s society, it always seems that we need to constantly collect more and more items to make our lives functional, whether it be for personal needs, business endeavors, or family matters. Even when we try to toss items we don’t need, it seems that more make their way back into our storage units and bedrooms.

There’s got to be a way to control all of this junk, right? There is if you look into buying a ceiling storage rack! A ceiling rack is an easy way to place all of your belongings together in an organized manner, so you’ll know where your items are no matter your needs or the occasion.

So, what exactly is a ceiling rack? And how can you go about making sure you get the best ceiling rack for your needs? This article is a great place for you to find out more about the ceiling storage rack and how it can help you. Keep reading to find out more!

What Is a Ceiling Storage Rack?

We all have our ways of storing our stuff. Many of us tend to just shove our items into the closet and hope we never have to open the door again. A few unwilling hoarders may be lucky enough to have a storage shed or storage unit nearby that they can place their items in. The rest of us less fortunate souls have to make do with throwing our stuff in the guest room, under our beds, or (God forbid) the garage.

In any case, we seem to know quite well how to place our items in and around the house…but what about storing them on the ceiling?

If the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of this is the start of a next Spider-Man franchise, you aren’t very far from the truth. Ceiling racks are a convenient way to give your ceiling some actual purpose. They’re platforms made from a metal material that hang from the top of your ceiling, with a few models installed at the very top of the wall. 

The racks are a simple solution to storage problems because they essentially act as an extra shelf; there’s no complex nature to them other than the initial installation, and they are extremely effective at clearing out the clutter you have in other rooms. There’s a reason why ceiling racks are quickly becoming the most popular choice for adding extra storage to the home!

What Are the Benefits to Ceiling Racks?

There are more benefits to ceiling racks than one could name in this article. Perhaps the most important ones would be:


Most other storage units tend to be on the pricey side. Closet extensions and storage sheds require you to fork over quite a bit of cash, and rental storage units can quickly become a bother to your bank account’s well-being. With a ceiling rack, you get an extra shelf for storage that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. In fact, the process for buying the kit and having it installed would still cost less than the price of buying or building any other type of storage unit.


Take a look at your shelf. Although it does a good job of holding the items you need organized, it also takes up precious floor space. In other words, bringing in a shelf to take care of the clutter and clear up floor space will simultaneously create more clutter in the process, which completely defeats the purpose of the shelf in the first place.

With a ceiling rack, the items and the rack itself stay out the way of the floor space, giving you more freedom of movement and open space that you can breathe easier in.

Ease of Access

If you needed to gather something in a dash, you’d have to either wade through your garage full of unnecessary items or search all across the house to find the item that you need. If what you’re looking for is in a storage center, you have to travel to another location to find the item you’re looking for. It goes without saying that this can quickly become a hectic lifestyle to live.

With the ceiling storage rack, everything is extremely easy to access. The open ends on the racks allow you to reach on either side for any item you may need, and everything upon the rack is easy to view to make the selection process easier.

Which Ceiling Rack Is Right for Me?

Although all ceiling racks ultimately do the same thing, you may need a specific rack to be installed in your home. This could depend on what you’re storing, such as food and merchandise, or where you’re storing it, such as in the kitchen, the bathroom, or in the garage. Here are a few ways you can determine the correct ceiling storage rack for your needs.

You Have a Bunch of Small Things to Clear Out

We all have a lot of small items that we tend to lose track of, and for that reason, the compact ceiling rack is the best way to go. Compact racks work perfectly in small areas, as they make for the perfect combination of size and storage. Many people tend to use compact ceiling racks in their bedrooms, but they can be equally as useful in guest rooms and even entertainment rooms.

If you just need a place to stash and use small items on the fly, the compact rack is your best option.

You Want to Clear Out the Bikes

We all love our bikes, but we also know they can be some of the most cumbersome objects in the home that live to take up space. In most cases, we tend to place our bikes inside of the house or the garage. This is fine if you only have one or two bikes, but if you live in a house full of bikers you’re going to realize just how quickly you lose out on space.

Luckily, there are ceiling racks made specifically for bikes. The racks can easily be installed in any area of the home, and they’re perfect for hanging up in the garage. They also offer easy access to each bike (unlike the pile of metal and wheels currently sitting in your garage corner) and they’re sturdy enough to hold up for a long time.

You Need to Settle Problems in the Kitchen

There is perhaps no other area in the house with the need to stay clean more than the kitchen. This is the place where we make our dinner, grab our desert, and sneak out of bed at three in the morning to grab a quick snack. It should go without question that any clutter in the kitchen is bad clutter, and one of the worst places that clutter tends to stack up is among the pots.

If you cook to any considerable degree, you’re sure to have a selection of pots and pans at your disposal. Shoving them under your kitchen vanity sink isn’t the way to go if you want to keep them in pristine condition, and it’s also not the best way to grab the pot that you need in a rush. With a ceiling pot rack, you can safely store your pots and keep them in arm’s reach when you need them in the future.

You Have Big Things to Store

Big and bulky things don’t tend to fit well in any part of the home; that being said, you can’t exactly leave them hanging around the area. Luckily, you can also buy storage racks that are designed to hold bigger items, such as boards and boxes, and place them in your garage or another workspace for easy access.

No matter what the occasion, there’s a ceiling storage rack for everyone. Make sure you buy one for yourself today!

We Have What You Need

Now that you know about the benefits of a ceiling storage rack, you now know a new way to store up and take care of your items. However, you’ll want to have your ceiling rack unit built by professionals who know the process. We know that we’re the right ones to help you with the job.

At Gift of Space, we specialize in helping people like you acquire the space they need to put their lives back in order. We offer plenty of ways to save space in you must cluttered rooms, including the kitchen, the living room, the fitness center, the bathroom, and more. We also have plenty of storage options that you can choose, from compact storage to expandable, and everything in between.

Ready to get started on your decluttering journey? Browse through our items to find out more about what we have to offer, or give us a call whenever you feel ready to get your ceiling rack. We look forward to the chance to serve you!



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