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Is your garage filled with stuff you don’t need? Are you not sure what you have in the garage because it’s all in a cluttered mess?

Having an organized garage can be one of the most useful areas of your home. It allows you to create space you didn’t realize you needed and have easy access to anything you look for.

This won’t require much! A few upgrades to a garage can make it look brand new. By adding the latest in storage racks, you can make your garage functionally and stylish, giving you the gift of more space.

Keep reading this full guide to organizing your space and learn the best garage storage rack!

Search for the Right Size When Shopping for the Best Garage Storage Rack

Before reviewing the best garage storage systems, it’s essential first to consider the factors that will help you make your decision.

When shopping for a garage storage rack, you want first to consider your ceiling size. If you choose a storage rack that’s too small to be convenient, you might regret it later, but if it’s too big to fit your space, it’ll be useless.

When browsing at racks, you can choose between a fixed size and an expandable storage option. Fixed overhead storage will work if you only have a certain amount of things you want to store. Having expandable storage means you’ll be able to add more things in the future and make it more customizable.

If your garage is smaller, but you have a lot of items, it would be best to choose something with adjustable heights. Also, opt for wall mount brackets if you need a bit of extra capacity. If you secure the overhead storage to the wall, you can increase the weight capacity and add more items.

When the storage rack is adjustable, you can raise and lower the racks. This will allow you to increase or decrease storage space vertically.

Consider the Weight Capacity and Ceiling Compatibility

How much weight do you plan to add to the overhead rack? If you have some light items to store, like holiday decorations and Christmas trees, you might not need much in terms of weight capacity. But if you’re adding more massive boxes, you should try to determine the weight capacity you’re looking for.

A regular overhead joist will be able to support about fifty pounds per square foot. Consider that if you exceed the weight capacity, you could end up damaging the rack.

By choosing one of the top garage storage racks on the market, you’ll also get joists that are made of strong steel or wood material. Something to note is that metal trusses will likely not support the same weight as wood.

The design of the beams will affect the weight capacity as well. Racks with a high load capacity are made of c-channel beams. Other beams, like Z-beams and L-beams, will have a design that cannot hold as much.

Another factor to consider is your garage’s ceiling compatibility. If your garage has universal compatibility with various ceiling joists, you will be able to mount the ceiling rack to a concrete wall or wall studs.

Upgrade to a Motorized Storage Rack

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A motorized storage rack means you can conveniently raise or lower the rack by pressing a button. This eliminates the need for climbing a ladder and can make the system much safer. It’s also a lot easier to add heavy items when you aren’t carrying them up a ladder.

When shopping for a motorized system, look for a wall mount push button with a keyed lockout. This will prevent unauthorized use of the rack.

Ensuring that a motorized system is made of thick and robust steel will make it even safer. A 14-gauge steel option is one of the best. Also, choosing a rack with a capacity of at least 400 pounds will ensure maximum safety.

Reviewing the Best Garage Storage Racks

An overhead storage rack can transform your space, allowing you to store your tools, boxes, luggage, and other items that clutter the space. After you consider all the factors listed above, you’re ready to shop. Below, we’ve reviewed some of the best storage racks.

Reviewing the SafeRacks Overhead Storage

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SafeRacks has an innovative design that makes it worth the cost. This rack measures at 4×8 feet, which is spacious enough to store boxes and bins.

This rack is also made of industrial-strength metal and has a powder coat finish. It’s sturdy and capable of supporting a heavy load. It can hold 600 pounds and comes with a lifetime assurance to support weight capacity.

This rack also comes with a customizable drop length, which can be adjusted. This can go from 18 to 33 inches from the ceiling, and if you drop it to 33 inches, you can get enough vertical storage space to have lots of bins stacked on top of one another.

You should be able to do the installation yourself, as long as you locate the studs on your ceiling. Adding a few lags screws will make the rack more secure. You can also add hooks to hang bicycles, which will attach to the rack.

NewAge VersaRac Overhead Rack

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The next storage rack review is for the NewAge VersaRac Overhead Storage, which is made of strong steel and will add an organized look to your garage. This rack can also support up to 600 pounds, so it’s another great option for storing bulky items.

The support beams are made of steel, which makes it high quality, along with being coated with scratch and rust-resistant powder. This will not only help prevent pets or children from changing the look of the rack, but it will prevent water and moisture from seeping in.

This rack allows you to change the drop-down distance between 18 to 57 inches from the ceiling, which is plenty of space to store tires, toolboxes, bikes, etc. This one uniquely comes with adjustable support cables allowing it to be secured to either wall studs, ceiling joist and even other shelf units.

The racks for this item are well-ventilated, which is an important feature for proper airflow and will prevent mold from forming on boxes.

MonsterRax Overhead Storage with Ceiling Drop

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The MonsterRax Overhead Garage Storage has a 24 to 45-inch ceiling drop, which allows for more vertical storage. This unit can mount to four heavy-duty ceiling beams, which creates a solid and safe product, with a lifetime warranty.

Along with the beams, the MonsterRax is built for maximum security and includes bolts and lag screws. There’s also a safety lip around the structure. This will help keep your boxes and bins in place on the rack.

For proper installation, make sure the braces are level in order for all of them together. This rack can also hold up to 600 pounds.

Overhead Storage System by HyLoft

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00007E1LB&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=gospace 07 11 20&language=en USHyLoft 00720 Overhead Storage is excellent if you’re looking for a more lightweight option! This storage rack comes with steel construction and a ceiling rack measuring at 36 x 36 inches.

This is compact but durable and can support up to 150 pounds, with an adjustable height. This storage system ranges from 16 to 28 inches and will fit a variety of configurations for both finished and unfinished ceilings.

The wired design makes installation easy and straightforward. This is not ideal for bulkier items but comes with the proper hardware to install.

Reviewing the Fleximounts Storage Rack

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This storage unit has universal compatibility and is available in both a one-pack and two-pack. The Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage rack has a grid design with a load capacity of 600 pounds. It’s adjustable from 22 inches to 40 inches, which allows you to increase and decrease the drop space.

The installation can definitely be done without professional help and comes with bolts and M8 screws, which are top quality. You can also install hooks off the grid, which will allow you to hold bikes or tools.

Lehigh Two Way Overhead Garage Adjustable Storage

The LeHigh Two Way Garage Storage comes at a reduced cost, so it’s the perfect pick for anyone on a budget. This rack is durable but narrow. It’s two-way adjustable and comes with 12-inch shelves.

This might be the perfect rack if you’re only looking to store a few items. It’s easy to set up and install.

Upgrade Your Garage with a New Storage Rack for Maximum Organization

Picking the right garage storage rack for your home is a necessary process! First, you need to consider the weight and size of the load you want to store and what kind of compatibility you have on your garage ceiling. Selecting a storage rack can transform your garage and make a small space look much more prominent.

The above picks are all top-rated and will keep your items organized and stylish, allowing you to do more with the space you have! They’re also easy to set up and come with step by step guides for installation.

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