Did you know that Americans together throw out 728,000 tons of trash a day? That is a lot of waste daily, enough to fill 63,000 garbage trucks.

With all of this garbage comes a need for a waste container. Keep reading, and we will help you find a garbage can or hazardous waste container that is the right size for your garage, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and car.

Tight Spaces

If you’re looking for compact garbage cans that can store some waste and fit in tighter spaces, we have multiple options for you.

You may need a smaller garbage can that can fit in smaller areas of your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or car. We also have garbage cans for your garage or storage area.

We provide smaller and narrower waste options because we want to make garbage cans that are convenient for you.

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The Kitchen

Do you have a lot of kitchen appliances that fill up your drawers? From plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, blenders, pots, and pans to other cooking appliances, there is always something taking up space in your kitchen.

Whether you have a limited amount of space or not, it’s nice to have a compact garbage can that keeps the smell and trash in a small space and can fit into a small area of your kitchen.

We are going to walk you through a few excellent kitchen trash can options:

  1. U-Eway Wooden Tilt Out Trash Cabinet: This trash can doesn’t look like a trash can and will blend into your kitchen seamlessly. The wooden top can blend into your counter, and you can use it as a cutting board. The drawer can provide you with extra storage for trash bags or household items. There is a tilt-out storage cabinet that can hold a 10-gallon trash bag. It can also be used as a recycling bin.
  2. Subekyu Small Collapsible Kitchen Hanging Trash Can: You can attach this trash can to any cabinet or drawer (with a thickness of .86 in) and put it next to you when you cook so you don’t have to move back and forth from the garbage can, because it’s right next to you. It’s easy to take down and store and you can use any plastic grocery bag to hold the food scraps. The newer 2020 version offers a handle to easily open and close as well as hang things on it with a S-hook. 
  3. EKO EcoCasa II Stainless Steel Step Trash Can: This trash can is heavy-duty and has two compartments, so you can easily separate wet and dry trash or trash and recycling. There’s a foot pedal to open and close the top. You can put this in your kitchen pantry or keep it out in the open; you will not be able to smell anything in either case.

From a sponge holder to wire pull out kitchen cabinet, we also have kitchen appliances and storage that will help keep your kitchen organized.

The Office

Whether it’s crumpled up papers, torn candy wrappers, or crumbs scattered all over your desk from eating a meal, you may need a space saving waste bin that will fit perfectly in your tiny office. 

What best way to quickly shred your papers on the spot without having to get up from your desk to shred papers? Desktop shredder with a waste bin is excellent for such a task. The Aurora AS420C Desktop-Style Cross-Cut Paper Shredder has a compact design perfect for a desktop or counter space area. It can shred and store up to 40 sheets of paper. It can also shred one credit card at a time. It has a thermal regulation so it does not overheat like other shredders.

Of course while sitting at your desk, you may have some trash laying around waiting to be tossed away. Ideally in a small office, a regular size trash can may not be a good fit. However, a desktop mini waste basket like the SUBEKYU Mini Desktop Wastebasket with Lid will allow you to easily discard the trash without taking up too much of your office space because of its compact size.

If your office does have a little bit of space, this Umbra Skinny, Spruce Sleek & Stylish Trash Can is great for slim and narrow spaces between the wall and the desk, under the desk, or even in a corner area. This trash bin takes up very little space while providing a decent amount of trash , still excellent for even a tiny office.

Of course if your office can afford to house a waste basket that is a little bit bigger, this STACKABLE SUNPOLLO 2-Pack Plastic Kitchen Trash Can with press top lid will allow you to store more trash, and debris in the containers. At the same time these stackable containers will not take up additional floor space, great for sorting your paper and food. 

The Bedroom

You may find the need for a waste container in your room but want to make sure it’s small and not noticeable.

With a bed, dresser, and wardrobe, you need a garbage can that fits in a tight space and isn’t too big.

The Liex – Creative Stainless Steel Trash Can has a modern and polished look for your bedroom. There is a pedal to open and close the trash can that makes little to no noise and a bin that you use to take out the trash. It adds a pop of color and can hold a lot of debris.

We also have excellent closet storage drawers and bins that can help you organize yours and your child’s clothes neatly and compactly.

The Bathroom

The bathroom, like the kitchen, is another essential place where a garbage can is needed. You want to make sure you have a multipurpose garbage can that holds more than your bedroom trash, including things like used Kleenex tissues and dirty Q-tips.

Here are some bathroom trash can options:

  1. Multifunction Trash Can: This trash can works as a toilet brush and toilet paper holder. It has a beautiful look and can fit into a skinny space because it’s narrow. It’s easy to open and allows for better organization in your bathroom.
  2. Baffect 4-in-1 Bathroom Trash Can Step-On Lid Slim Trash Can: This sleek trash can is very slim and can fit almost anywhere. There is a built-in toilet brush hidden in the front, so you can enjoy the convenience of having one right there, but it’s hidden from your guests. There’s also a container you can pull out to take out the trash and another compartment that holds tissue paper. Perfect for your most narrow spaces.

We have great over-the-toilet cabinet storage that can keep all of your bathroom belongings out of sight and organized.

The Car

If you’re always on the road, going on a cross-country road trip, or moving your child to college, you may want a trash can in your car.

We have the perfect fit for your car: the HighRoad StashAway Console and Headrest Car Trash Can with Lid. The HighRoad StashAway Console is small and compact. It zips shut and is leakproof, which prevents stains on your carpet and helps you avoid smells in your car.

If you use the trash can for a road trip and then want to put it away in storage, it’s straightforward to dump out the garbage and put the trash can away in any tight storage space.

Hazardous Waste Container

Aside from waste containers for household items, there are also particular garbage cans you need to use to get rid of hazardous waste.

Both biohazard and hazardous waste containers should be fully closable, with no possible leakages. You must label storage, and you should transport the containers with a particular color and double-check that you closed everything before it’s shipped.

A Few Examples of the Top Biohazard Waste Containers

  • WITT 2240RD Step-On Metal Biohazard Waste Container:
    • Hands-free
    • Safe operation for germ and contamination control
    • Follows OSHA guidelines
    • Bloodborne Pathogens and are fire safe
  • Kendall Sharps Container, Large:
    • Safely disposes of syringes and can handle a lot of them (2.2 quarts)
    • The plastic material is puncture and leakproof, and it has a permanent locking and snap-tod lid

Hazardous waste materials need a full container or portable device. The most common is a 55-gallon drum. You can transport them by tanker truck and railroad car, and they can be in buckets, bags, and even test tubes.

A Few Examples of Top Hazardous Waste Containers

  • ULINE Oil Waste Can:
    • Prevents fires due to spontaneous combustion
    • Hands-free
    • It has a foot pedal that opens the lid and made of steel
  • Oil Waste Can 21 Gallon Foot Operated, Justrite:
    • The Oil Waste Can resemble the above container by appearance and features
    • You can use it for solvent cloths, oil, and paint rags
    • It is premium coated steel and has a self-closing over

Both biohazard and hazardous waste containers have a warning sticker on the front that stands out and emphasizes the material inside is not safe and that you shouldn’t open it.

You should make sure if you’re handling any of these types of materials regularly, you’re following FDA, OHSA, and EPA guidelines. You don’t want to harm or damage others or the environment around you

Garage Storage

If you’re looking to find waste containers that fit in your garage or a place to store the waste containers until you ship it or it is picked up and taken to a proper facility, there are plenty of options available for garage storage.

We have excellent garbage can options for your garage:

  1. GEQWE Trash Can 30L Plastic Space Saving: This trash can is great to use for recycling in your garage because it is the perfect size and doesn’t take up too much space, but it fits a lot of trash. The lid opens with the foot pedal, or you can pull it back to empty it quickly.
  2. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Jim Plastic Rectangular Trash/Garbage Can: Venting channels make bag removal very easy. The trash bag cinchers keep the bag up and allow for quick, knot-free liner changes. It’s great for a restaurant or your garage. It’s also very narrow, so it’s easy to fit in tight spaces.

We also offer multiple storage options to keep the containers hidden away. For example, these collapsable storage bins are not only a dark color, so you can’t see what’s in them, but you can also completely close and stack them, keeping them out of anyone’s way or reach.

Get the Trash Can that Fits in Your Home

Whether you’re looking for a compact, multipurpose trash can that fits under your bathroom sink or one you can take on the go in your car, we have the right waste container fit for you.

There’s a lot to know when it comes to biohazard and hazardous waste. You should make sure you have the right trash can that you need to get rid of this waste properly.

We have waste container options for everyone, and we can help you find the right fit for your home.

We have great options for storing everything properly, from keeping your garbage cans hidden to store and organize items in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

Buy a waste container today, and be sure to check out stackable garbage cans!



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