Driving out to the country, chopping down a gorgeous balsam fir, and then placing it in your spacious living room is a perfect Christmas dream. If you live in a small space, you might think that’s only the stuff of fantasies.

Over 80% of the population lives in urban areas. That can mean living in cramped micro-apartments or shared living spaces.

Housing is getting smaller and smaller. There are TV shows devoted to building tiny houses, and even some shipping containers are turning into homes.

So what can you do if you live in a small place and you’ve done everything to find a place for your Christmas tree? You’ve got options — check out this list of great ideas for trees for small spaces!

Think Small

Artificial trees are becoming more and more popular. They’re an excellent option for those living in cramped spaces, too.

But if you don’t have room for a regular size artificial tree, what can you do? Think small!

Small Christmas trees can be just that — miniature versions of the old favorite. Consider having a tiny artificial Christmas tree for your home.

Because it’s smaller, you won’t need as many ornaments and lights. You can move it wherever you need it to be, and when you’re done using the tree, it can be easily stored away.

Want to make it more festive? You can paint a pot in cute Christmas colors instead of using a tree skirt to make it look more like a potted plant.

Pop Up Christmas Trees

Need something that stores even easier? The pop-up Christmas tree is the perfect pick for those that need every inch of space.

A pop-up Christmas tree does just that — pops up. When it’s collapsed down, it looks just like a giant Frisbee.

That makes it easy to store. You can just put it in a cabinet, on a closet shelf, or under your bed until you’re ready to bring it out again.

These trees come in a wide array of unique and beautiful colors. Beyond green and red, you can find them in pink, multi-colored, silver, and even pumpkin and black.

One downside to the tree is that you can’t decorate it as much as a regular tree. With all of its beautiful, eye-catching tinsel and colorful sequins, you don’t have to. Collapsible trees save money, space, time, and require no assembly.

Pencil Tree

A slim or pencil tree can be just as space-saving as a pop-up tree. The benefit here is that it looks more like a traditional tree.

Because a pencil tree has branches just like a regular tree, you have more decoration options. Thinner dimensions allow it to take up a tiny corner of your home without branching out too far.

These trees are elegant and bring a simple sophistication to your holiday decor. Its unique beauty and bonus will wow guests — it makes all of your presents look bigger!

Wall Hanging Tree

What can you do if you don’t even have a corner or tabletop to place a tree? You have to think about your space differently and go up!

Some people create abstract wall hangings in the shape of trees to save space. While that’s fun and crafty, nothing beats a realistic-looking Christmas tree.

There are realistic-looking artificial Christmas trees on the market that only take up a small bit of blank wall. You can get one pre-decorated or only pre-lit so that you can use your ornaments.

It saves precious ground space and can be hung almost anywhere. A wall hanging tree is compact and folds up neatly for storage.

One word of caution: be careful about hanging these behind a door. You don’t want the door to slam open or shut too quickly and smash your decorations.

Upside Down Christmas Tree

There’s been a new and unusual trend in the Christmas tree community. It’s been growing stronger and more popular over the years.

The trend is to hang your Christmas tree upside down. You can buy a stand that holds it upside down or mount the base on the ceiling.

Believe it or not, this isn’t a new fad. Back in the  7th century, trees were hung upside down to honor the Holy Trinity.

For whatever reason, this look is coming back in a big way. Some folks aren’t into it, and others are head over heels for the look.

For those with little room to spare, this can be a lifesaver. By having the wide part at the top of the house where there’s more room, you maximize your holiday decorations.

There are plenty of benefits besides saving space and stunning presentation. You have more room to cram presents underneath, and you can keep curious paws and tiny hands away from delicate ornaments.

There are a few challenges. Mounting it to the ceiling and decorating can be difficult, but it’s worth it.

Printed Trees

Let’s say you need to save space and money but want to decorate for the holidays. You don’t have to give up your dreams of a fun, festive, and tall Christmas tree.

You can pick up a cardboard tree printed to look exactly like the real thing. No one will mistake it for the real thing, but you still have a beautiful Christmas tree.

Just because it’s cardboard doesn’t mean these trees don’t have lots of great features. Some are over six feet tall and even include pockets for placing cards.

These types of trees will look great on a wall at home. They’re perfect for offices and schools, too.

Besides saving space and money, they give you a lot of room to be creative. When you don’t have to hang regular fragile ornaments, you can create your own from paper and place them on the tree yourself.

That’s a great opportunity for you to do fun Christmas crafts with your family. You can turn an affordable tree into something all your own, personalized with your memories.

Wooden Trees

Want something similarly 2D but a little sturdier? There are wooden trees available that are even more customizable.

There are wooden Christmas trees that lay flat against the wall. Others have slots so you can make them 3D then flatten them out when it’s time to put them away.

You can also find unpainted raw wood Christmas trees for you and your family to decorate. You can paint them standard green or go wild and paint them pink or cover them with glitter.

Corner Christmas Tree

One problem with regular artificial Christmas trees is the circumference. All of those branches are so beautiful but can’t fit into your small space.

A corner Christmas tree offers full, lush foliage and a neat, space-saving trick. The tree has a 90-degree angle, perfect for a corner space!

A corner tree still has branches that reach out all around it, even with a 90-degree angle. That allows it to slide into any corner of your home and take up much less space than a traditional tree.

They’re tall and realistic-looking so you can have a more traditional holiday look. You can still use all of your regular ornaments and even your tree skirt with a realistic corner Christmas tree.

Virtual Tree

What if we told you you could have a fully decorated over six-foot-tall Christmas tree that stores inside of a shoebox? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Virtual trees make that concept a reality. Companies like AtmosFX are bringing holographic illusion trees to life.

The way it works is that you set up a device that projects an image of the tree onto your wall. Alternatively, you can project the tree onto a window. The virtual tree can also project onto a piece of fine mesh hanging from a doorway or on your lawn.

That means you can put your tree anywhere you want it to go, even outside. Your tree is portable, too, and folds up into a box when you’re finished using it.

Unfortunately, you can’t personalize your tree that much. However, there are plenty of beautiful images to download.

You can even download other holiday-themed projections, including a Halloween tree. It is a bit pricier than a regular tree, but it looks incredible and saves a ton of space.

Easy Treezy

Easy Treezy is a brand that garnered national attention on Shark Tank. It’s a unique concept, but not quite as space-saving as some of the others we’ve mentioned.

Easy Treezy is, as the name suggests, easy to assemble. Using interlocking magnets and plugs for the lights, you build up your tree ring by ring.

Many of them come pre-decorated, but you can buy plain models to make it your own. When it’s time to take it down, flatten out the rings and place them in a box under your bed or the closet.

Because Easy Treezy trees have lights, magnets, and fluffy needles on them, they’re a bit thicker than the other options mentioned earlier.

However, they look realistic, are lightweight yet won’t tip over, are eco-friendly, and, just like their name, are easy to assemble. Easy Treezy is the type of tree you can invest in and enjoy for many years to come.

Invisible Christmas Trees

You’ve no doubt seen beautifully balanced mobiles, suspended in the air. They make a graceful, elegant, and artistic statement.

For the more avant-garde or minimalist home, you can purchase a Christmas tree mobile. These mobiles are usually a few ornaments or branches suspended from the ceiling.

Sometimes called “invisible Christmas trees,” they’re truly unusual and exciting. Plus, they’ll save you lots of space and, with only a few hanging items and strings or wires, can be put away almost anywhere.

Shelf Tree

When you need to make the most of every inch of your house, your items need to do double duty. Your Christmas tree should be no exception.

While Christmas trees are usually only for decoration, why not put yours to work? Purchase a Christmas tree-shaped shelf and use it to hold more items while also being a festive addition to your home.

Hang the shelf on the wall to maximize the floor room. Add a few lights around the rim of it to bring a little sparkle to your house while still allowing access to the shelves.

Place a few ornaments on the shelves to decorate it, but don’t make it too cluttered. Less is more should be your mantra to make this idea work best.

Outdoor Options

Need every square foot of your indoor area? It’s time to take your Christmas tree outside.

If you live in an apartment or dorm without access to the outside world, this won’t work for you. But if you have even a tiny balcony, you can place your Christmas tree there.

Make sure that your tree can withstand the elements. Don’t use family heirloom ornaments; non-breakable plastic is ideal.

Twig Trees

If a pencil tree is still too plush for you and you need something with a delicate, understated elegance, try a twig tree. Just like the name suggests, these are twiggy-looking thin trees.

Most people think of big, lush evergreens when they think of Christmas trees. Winter-bare twigs can be a beautiful alternative.

They’re slim and tall and don’t need a lot of decoration. Many come with small lights on them, which are just perfect and not overwhelming.

Neon Christmas Tree Lamp

This last option is for all of the broke students in small dorms experiencing their first Christmas away from home. You can’t have a huge traditional tree, but you still can get into the holiday spirit with a cute neon Christmas tree lamp.

These fit on any flat surface and run on just a handful of batteries. Plus, they’re ultra-affordable, making it more attractive to purchase one.

All of the Trees for Small Spaces You Need

Having a tiny living area doesn’t mean you have to give up your Christmas tree dreams. These trees for small spaces show you you can go big and still go home with a gorgeous Christmas tree.

We’ve got plenty of incredible space-saving holiday decorations for your home. Check out our wide array of options and get into the Christmas spirit!



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