micro-apartment-with-holiday-decorationsWhen you live in a micro-apartment, every single inch of space matters.

But if you don’t want to be a Grinch, how can you invite guests and impress them with stunning holiday decor? Don’t worry, it is possible.

Read on for the top tips on how to decorate for Christmas even with very limited square footage.

Christmas Trees for Your Micro-Apartment

Whether you live in micro-apartments in NYC or micro-apartments in Seattle, your limited space means you probably don’t have room for a Christmas tree… or do you?

Your apartment’s floor space is valuable, but you can still enjoy a Christmas tree with some space-saving takes on the classic Douglas Fir.

Deconstructed Christmas Tree

If you love minimalism, an adorable deconstructed Christmas tree is perfect for you.

Hang tree branches in a pyramid shape on your wall. Add twinkle lights and ornaments.

You can also use three floating shelves of progressively larger size stacked on the wall. Decorate the shelves with baubles, Christmas cards and a garland. A paper star on the top will be the perfect finishing touch.

Talk about modern! Your deconstructed tree is sure to be a focal point for your holiday gatherings. And it’s something lovely to look at as you have your breakfast each morning.

You can push a table with a festive tablecloth up against the wall. Use this space to put presents and hang stockings.

Tiny Christmas Tree

Want something more traditional? How about a tiny tree? You can have a jolly tree that is a small potted plant. Hang lights and ornaments as you would on a larger tree.

These are perfect for tabletops or on a stool. Of course, there are also other trees for small spaces such as pop-up trees.

Make Your Apartment Full of the Christmas Scent

You don’t need a big space to bring home the smells of Christmas. There are so many ways you can infuse micro-apartments with nostalgic seasonal scents like scented candles, pine needles, freshly baked cookies, and a pot of mulled wine.

You can buy scented potpourri and place it around your house for a long-lasting Christmas smell.

Swap Functional for Seasonal

Do you already have throw pillows, blankets, linens and towels in your space? Of course, you do!

One way to decorate a small apartment for Christmas is to swap out your functional items for Christmas ones. This includes cloth napkins and table runners.

Put your regular linens away for a few weeks and bust out some beautiful festive ones. Reindeer silhouettes on your throw cushions, buffalo-checked blankets, Santa hand-towels. There are so many options.

Don’t forget to add a festive Christmas doormat to your entryway! This is a great way to welcome your guests without sacrificing your floor space.

Get one with your favorite Christmas movie quote such as, “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal” from the classic, Home Alone.

In a small apartment, these small touches of the season will add up to a fully immersive holiday experience.

Rotate Artwork Seasonally

Just like swapping out linens and cushions, you can rotate your artwork according to the seasons.

It’s easy to do. Think of how nice it will be to see snowy hills dotted with lighted cottages or ice skating ponds under a starry night.

Plus, when you’re done, your artwork can stack flat under a bed or on a shelf.

ProTip: If you don’t have any seasonal artwork, you can use festive wrapping paper to wrap picture frames. Re-hang them throughout your place to have “presents” on the walls.

Bring Out the Festive Fairy Lights and Garlands

One of the easiest ways to bring out festive cheer is with twinkling fairy lights and garlands.

Just string these up along your walls, around your windows or hanging from the ceiling. Your space will feel cozy and warm with these lovely holiday touches.

Garlands work well pretty much anywhere. From paper to pine or glittery plastic garlands, there is sure to be a style that suits your decor and your taste.

Place Christmas Cards Front and Center

Isn’t it lovely to get Christmas cards from friends and family?

This year, instead of sticking them in a box or taking up a whole table, use them to dress up your bookshelf.

It’s a free and easy way to decorate for the season and keep clutter down.

Don’t Forget the Kitchen

Many people overlook the kitchen as a place to add Christmas decor.

And yes, you still need this area to be functional. Yet, you can keep your counter space clear by adding in small wreaths over the cabinet doors. Or turn your fridge into a snowman with some well-placed construction paper shapes.

Do you have a fruit bowl? Go ahead and stick in a few glittery baubles in there for a subtle touch. Or hang snowflakes or mistletoe from the ceiling or light fixtures.

You can wrap the cabinets like presents. Wrapping paper or just a big bow will really make your kitchen pop.

Bonus tip: choose the same colors and styles that you used for your festive linens and things to make one cohesive look throughout your entire space.

Dress Up Your Chairs

You won’t take up an inch of space by decorating your chairs for the holidays. Cute Santa hats, bows tied around the back, chair covers or a small wreath are all excellent options.

Bring Home A Poinsettia or Winter Bouquet

Poinsettias are classic Christmas decorations. You can’t go wrong with one of these on a window sill, side table or bookshelf to add the spirit of the season to your micro-apartment design.

Want something different? A small winter bouquet with candy canes or colorful ornaments is a perfect focal point.

Use it in place of a Christmas tree or as your table’s centerpiece.

Christmas Window Decals

Window decals are inexpensive and take up no extra room at all. You can get cling-on stickers in kid-friendly holiday shapes like reindeer and snowmen. Or you can opt for a frosted window look complete with snowflakes.

This is a perfect decoration if you are renting your micro-apartment. There’s no damage or sticky residue to worry about.

Decorate With Wreaths

Think that wreaths can only hang on your front door? Wrong!

Wreaths are perfect for decorating various empty spaces such as above the TV, on the bathroom and closet doors and even on the fridge.

A gorgeous wreath in a window is a stunning way to celebrate the holidays.

Go Glam with Your Mantel

Every kid knows that the fireplace is the most important part of your living room at Christmas time.

Even if Santa won’t be coming down your chimney this year, you can give your space a wow-factor with a mantle holiday makeover.

Choose garlands, candles, mini trees, and ornaments to deck out yours for the holidays. It’s the perfect focal point for your space and a great backdrop for your Christmas pictures.

Don’t have a mantel? No worries. You can improvise your own with just a floating shelf or an inexpensive curtain rod as a place to hang stockings.

Be sure to add in a garland or lights to dress up this space.

Simplify Your Centerpieces

No need to take up your whole table with a giant centerpiece. After all, you’ll need space for all those Christmas dishes!

Opt for a mini centerpiece such as a mason jar with water, greenery, and cranberries. You can even stick in a floating candle. Easy and cute!

Make You Ceiling Full of Snowflakes (Or Stars)

A simple way to add holiday cheer to your micro-apartment is to hang snowflakes from your ceilings.

Even if your floor and wall space is fully used, you likely don’t have much going on on the ceilings.

Paper snowflakes or stars from card stock, printer paper or even construction paper, can transform your space into a winter wonderland.

Just use tape to hang snowflakes on a string. Ta da! A sky full of stars or snowflakes that will draw people’s eyes up. Your guests won’t notice your small space with such beautiful, eye-catching decor.

Hang Ornaments from a Chandelier

Are you in love with ornaments and baubles? Then, go ahead and hang them from your dining room or bedroom chandelier.

This takes up zero space and is a wonderful way to bring the holiday magic of a big, fully decorated Christmas tree to your small space.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

We hope these tips on how to decorate your micro apartment for Christmas help you enjoy this year’s festivities even more than usual.

Remember, just because your Christmas is little doesn’t mean it can’t be merry. Though decorating for the holidays can be time-consuming, it is worth it.

Maybe decorate your place a little earlier this year so you can enjoy the most wonderful time of year even longer.

Are you in need of space-saving solutions for your home? Shop our wide selection of space savers for your small space. Then you will have a tidy home to ring in the new year.



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