The GoPong Portable High-Top Party Bar allows you to quickly set up a bar at any location, whether you’re throwing an outdoor party or preparing a booth for a convention.

Consisting of an aluminum frame and nylon skirts, it only takes seconds to assemble and stores inside a handy carrying case. It’s lightweight and portable, but is it the right option for you? To find out, we’ll take closer look at GoPong Portable High-Top Party Bar.

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  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Includes multiple skirts
  • Takes just seconds to setup
  • Affordable pop-up bar


  • Only holds up to 50 pounds total weight
  • The skirt may sag a little in the front
  • Legs can easily dent up because of lightweight aluminum construction
  • Carrying bag may fray

Key Features

With the GoPong GoBar, you get a portable bar that folds into a compact shape and extends into a full-size bar. It’s suitable for almost any indoor or outdoor occasion, including tailgating, backyard parties, graduations, corporate events, and weddings.

The bar consists of an aluminum frame with a countertop and middle shelf. When folded, it stores inside the provided carrying case, which measures just 39 x 15 x 3 inches.

The table only weighs 12 pounds. You can easily throw it in the back of the car and take it to your next

tailgating party.

To set up the table, you extend the legs, secure the shelf, and attach a fabric skirt around the front and sides. It comes with three different skirts to suit various events.

You get a solid black skirt that works for any occasion, along with a tiki skirt and a football-themed skirt.

The tabletop measures 39 x 15 inches while the middle shelf is just slightly smaller as it fits inside the frame.

Company Reputation

GoPong mostly sells party supplies, with a focus on beer pong gear. The company offers various beer pong tables, ping-pong balls, cups, and different drinking games.

Most of the products from GoPong are highly rated, offering quality party gear at affordable prices.

Ease of Use

The bar is easy to use, featuring the standard design used for most folding tables. The legs unfold from the tabletop and lock into place. You then attach the middle shelf, which adds a little more support to the frame and provides a spot to store bottles.

After unfolding the legs, you add the nylon skirt. The legs include several points for securing the skirt. However, it may sag slightly near the front, as it doesn’t ultimately connect with the bottom of the tabletop.

Safety Concerns

It’s not the most stable surface. Each shelf only holds up to 25 pounds. The narrow design also makes it prone to tipping, especially when placed on uneven ground or when leaning against it.

If you need a tabletop that offers more support, there are folding tables that can hold more weight. However, folding tables and bars tend to weigh more and are not as easy to transport.

Other than the risk of tipping the bar over, this product doesn’t come with any safety concerns.

Overall Effectiveness

The GoBar is an effective solution for adding a bar to any event. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and the design works in a variety of settings.

With the multiple skirts, it’s a versatile piece of furniture. The solid black skirt suits many different types of events. However, the nylon skirts sag slightly in the front, creating a small gap between the fabric and the tabletop.

The gap isn’t entirely professional-looking. Due to this one issue, the GoBar may not create the right image for trade shows promoting high-end products.

It’s mostly intended as a solution for parties and gatherings. However, it may also work as a space-saving piece of furniture for a dorm or small apartment.

The tabletop is made from a durable medium-density fiberboard (MDF) material. While it’s waterproof and can withstand spills and rain, leaving it outdoors, year-round, may eventually cause the surface to blister.

What Is its Footprint?

As mentioned, it measures just 39 x 15 x 3 inches inside the case. You can easily slide this into a closet or the trunk of your car. It’s only one of many ways to free up space in a small home or apartment.

When unfolded and set up for a party, it stands 36-inches tall. It’s a narrow bar, with a tabletop measuring 39 x 15-inches.

How Does it Compare?

The GoBar is affordable, but there is a less expensive option. The Trademark Innovations Portable Bar Table costs less and includes many of the same features.

It has an aluminum frame and nylon skirt and measures 39 x 36 x 15-inches. However, it doesn’t include the tiki-themed skirt or football-themed skirt. You get the solid black wrap.

If you need a sturdier pop-up bar, look at the Best of Times Patio Bar and Tailgating Center Deluxe Package. It includes an L-shaped pop-up bar with a durable steel frame and 500-denier polyester fabric.

You also get lots of storage space and an insulated cooler behind the bar. It even comes with four stools and an umbrella.

Another sturdy option is the Flash Furniture 4-Foot Black Laminate Foldable Bar. Instead of an aluminum frame, it features fiberboard sections with hinges. It folds flat and unfolds to create a stable bar with a wide tabletop and secure middle shelf.

The shelf and the tabletop can each support over 100 pounds. Unfortunately, the table itself weighs about 90 pounds and measures over four feet, making it difficult to carry.

The Bottom Line

The GoPong Portable High-Top Party Bar is designed for convenience. You can set it up in seconds and start serving drinks. Each shelf holds up to 25 pounds, and the narrow design tips quickly on uneven ground. However, it’s affordable, portable, and versatile.

With the three different skirts, you can use this pop-up bar almost anywhere. Switch to the black skirt for a trade show or work event. Use the football skirt for tailgating or the tiki print for a backyard barbeque.

It may not work well in every setting, but it’s a convenient way to add more counter space.



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