crowded-sink-with-drying-dish-rackIf your kitchen doesn’t offer a lot of space, an over sink drying rack is a useful addition to your countertop. These space-saving racks include shelves for dishes and holders for silverware and utensils.

The only problem is choosing the right one. They come in many designs, sizes, and configurations.

With the PUDSON Over Sink Dish Drying Rack, you get a versatile storage solution with a sturdy frame. It’s a solid 4.5 out of 5-stars product. However, it may not work for everyone.

To find out if the PUDSON rack fits your sink and tastes, check out our in-depth review.


  • Stylish industrial appearance
  • Sturdy frame
  • Rust-resistant 304 stainless steel
  • More clearance in front of the rack


  • Only holds up to 10 plates
  • Cadies may slide around
  • Not the most affordable option

Key Features

The PUDSON dish drying rack has a unique design that saves space and offers a little more room for your arms as you wash dishes. It’s designed to fit sinks up to 33.5 inches wide.

The rack has a simple, industrial look that should work well in most modern kitchens. The sides of the rack feature L-shaped supports connected via two support bars. Wire baskets with metal frames slide onto the bars to hold dishes and utensils.

It comes with separate baskets for plates, cutlery, soap, a cutting board, and bowls or cups. It even includes a small basket for drying fruit and eight hooks for hanging utensils. The racks easily slide into place and can be arranged in multiple configurations to suit your needs.

The frame is made from 304 stainless steel. Most stainless-steel kitchen products are made from the cheaper, harder 201 steel. However, 304 steel is the recommended choice for food preparation products. With the 304 food-grade material, you get a rack that is likely to rust from the damp conditions.

Company Reputation

This rack comes from PUDSON. It’s not the most recognizable name. The company mostly makes accessories and tools for the kitchen, home improvement, outdoor recreation, and sports and fitness.

PUDSON has quite a few different drying racks, including several other above the sink options.

Most of the PUDSON kitchen accessories come with slightly higher price tags compared to the competition. This company produces mid-range to high-end goods, including this well-made caddy system.

Ease of Use

The PUDSON rack comes unassembled. Luckily, assembly isn’t complicated. The instructions are printed directly on the packaging and only include a few steps.

You first need to screw the support bars together. The two back bars secure to the sides, creating a sturdy frame.

With the frame assembled, you can arrange the wire baskets and holders. Depending on your sink’s layout and size, you may choose to place the baskets for the plates, bowls, and fruit on the top bar. The soap and cutlery holders can then fit on the lower bar.

The silver holder and the cutting board holder secure to the sides. However, you can place them on opposite sides or set them on the same side.

The baskets and holders slide over the bars, allowing you to remove them for washing or rearranging them easily.

Safety Concerns

The Over Sink Dish Drying Rack from PUDSON doesn’t come with any safety concerns. It’s one of the sturdiest above the sink caddy systems thanks to its wide support and suction cups on the feet.

Overall Effectiveness

This dish drying rack works as advertised, providing a space-saving solution that holds dishes and utensils. It’s easy to assemble and offers a sturdy rack for drying plates, bowls, cups, and silverware.

It even has suction cups on the feet to keep it from sliding around when the countertop gets wet.

While the previous features are useful, the main advantage of this caddy system is the clearance. The design allows you to place this over any faucet.

The clearance below the upper baskets is about 17 or 18 inches, but the versatile frame lets you rearrange the baskets. If you don’t place a basket above the faucet, nothing is getting in the way.

With the L-shaped sides and back bars that hold the baskets, the frame doesn’t need support bars in the front. This opens the design and gives your arms room to work when washing dishes.

Overall, it’s an effective way to free up space in your kitchen. It’s one of many solutions for making better use of your available space.

What Is its Footprint?

The frame measures 34.65-inches wide by 12.5-inches deep with a height of 20.4-inches. It’s not adjustable, designed to fit sinks measuring up to 33.5-inches.

How Does it Compare?

The PUDSON rack stands out for its stability, durability, and versatility, but it’s not your only option. As the frame isn’t adjustable, it may be too large for those with a single sink.

For a single sink, the istBoom Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack may fit better. It measures just 26-inches wide and includes many of the same features found on the PUDSON rack. It also has a modern design, L-shaped supports, and adjustable baskets.

Instead of the size, some people may worry about the cost of the PUDSON rack. The iSPECLE Dish Drying Rack costs a little less, but still provides a sleek, modern style. Unfortunately, you can’t rearrange the racks to suit your needs.

The iSPECLE option also features 201 stainless-steel, which may rust when exposed to water frequently.

Another potential issue is storage space. These three options all have a single shelf on top with space for about ten plates and a dozen or two cups and bowls.

If you need more storage, look at the NEX Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack. It features a two-tier design with four separate wire racks. You get separate racks for plates, bowls, and cups. However, it’s not as stylish and feels a little flimsy compared to the sturdy options discussed.

The Bottom Line

The PUDSON Dish Drying Rack may not be the least expensive option, but it’s one of the more convenient above the sink caddy systems. The modern design should work with almost any décor, while the sturdy frame and suction cups on the feet keep your dishes from spilling to the ground.

You also have the option to rearrange the baskets. You can place the plates and bowls on the upper shelf or keep the plate basket attached to the lower bar. It’s a versatile product that saves space and stores lots of dishes.



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