family-in-front-of-tree-blurred-backgroundDo you remember looking for the most massive Christmas or holiday tree you could find when you were growing up?

There’s a feeling of nostalgia going out to the tree farm, picking the perfect tree and cutting it down. Some people make it a tradition to travel out of the city and find the most prominent tree they can, even if it might not fit their home.

However, not everyone has the time or space for a large live Christmas tree.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go without a tree this year. With a space-saving Christmas tree, you won’t need to make sacrifices when decorating your home for the holidays.

Space-saving Christmas trees come in a variety of sizes and styles, such as slim and flat. These trees are artificial, which makes setting up, decorating, and caring for it a breeze. You can find many complete with lights and some decorations too.

Rather than stressing about finding a tree that fits, learn how a space-saving Christmas tree will work for you.

What Is a Space-Saving Christmas Tree?

Decorating a home or apartment with limited space can be a tricky holiday task. It’s a delicate balance maintaining valuable space while adding your favorite decorations.

Therefore, this is where space-saving Christmas trees come in handy. There are many sizes to choose from that can fit almost anywhere in your apartment or home.

The best part? You can have your living room and your Christmas tree!

Space-Saving Christmas trees are artificial trees designed to take up very little room. They can be any combination of short, narrow, tall, or wide.

Don’t have room on your floor for a full-sized tree? Place a short tree on a coffee table or shelf.

Only have a 2ft-by-2ft space on the floor for a tree? There’s a tall narrow tree out there with your name on it.

If you don’t have issues with limited space in your home, a space-saving Christmas tree makes a lovely holiday accent in other rooms, halls, or entrances.

While these trees may lack in size, they make up in holiday cheer. Many come pre-decorated with Christmas lights, tinsel, or small ornaments. But you can still top it off with your ornaments and tree decorations.

Slim vs. Flat Space-Saving Christmas Trees

As you shop around for artificial Christmas trees, you’ll find there are many types of space-saving trees. The two most popular options are slim and flat trees.

A slim artificial Christmas tree is a narrow tree with a width that is about half of its height. They’re perfect for corners, behind furniture, or anywhere you can fit them. Slim trees come in a variety of heights, so you’re not limited to the tall narrow options.

Another style of artificial tree is the flat space-saving Christmas tree. This style of tree is cut in half vertically, so one side is flat, and the other is nice and round. If you don’t want to sacrifice too much space for tree width, a flat-sided tree is a great option.

Flat sided trees come in a variety of sizes and styles. Like slim trees, flat ones can come pre-decorated with lights, tinsel, or other decorations to make setting up and decorating easy. They have realistic-looking branches, boughs, and pine needles.

Then there are the minimalist flat Christmas trees. Rather than looking like a realistic tree, they appear more like a piece of art. If you’re into something more abstract and super space-saving, a minimalist holiday tree may be an option.

How to Decide Which Tree Is Best

With all the space-saving tree options available, how do you decide which one is best for your home? Fortunately, choosing the best space-saving Christmas tree depends on your personal preference.

Start by finding the place in your apartment or home that you want your tree. If you can, get a measurement of the length, width, and height of the area, so you know the space you’re working with.

Next, what style tree do you prefer?

Slim trees fit well in corners, along a wall, or on their own. Flat trees look best against a wall or flat surface.

If you have a corner space or an open area to put your tree, a narrow tree may be a better option. However, you may find some flat trees shaped to fit into a corner, but they’re not as widely popular as slim trees.

Best Slim Space-Saving Christmas Trees

Check out highly recommended trees to make your search easier.

White Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with Lights

This slim artificial Christmas tree features bright white fur and boughs and comes with clear lights. It has very lush realistic-looking needles despite its white color.

Since it only comes with lights, there’s plenty of room for you to add your favorite tree ornaments and decorations. It’s also available in 5 different sizes ranging from 4.5ft with a 2ft diameter to 9ft with an almost 3ft diameter.

This particular tree is created with a white PVC pipe center making it light and easy to assemble. The largest tree weighs only 26lbs.

If you’re looking for a Christmas tree that saves you both space and money, the White Fir Artificial Christmas Tree will keep your home bright over the holidays.

Goplus Pencil Tree

The Goplus pencil tree comes with dark green fir and a sturdy metal stand. The PVC needles are dense to appear lush and realistic.

The tree comes in 3 additional height options, including 5ft, 7ft, and 9ft with a 7-inch diameter.

Setting up this tree is very easy, and depending on the height, weighs anywhere from 3lbs to 17.5lbs.

This durable, long-lasting tree is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Holiday Peak 6ft Christmas Spruce

Inspired by the Christmas poinsettia, this slim tree comes pre-decorated with lights, poinsettia blossoms, and ribbon. You can assemble it in minutes, and it’ll be ready to spread some holiday cheer.

This tree is 6ft tall with a 30in diameter base. It offers a full look without taking up much space. The lights are eco-friendly with warm-white LED lightbulbs.

Spiral Topiary Slim Christmas Tree

Adding a twist of fun with the Spiral Topiary Slim Christmas Tree will save you space without sacrificing holiday cheer. The unique spiraled branches give this tree an unforgettable illusionary look.

There are still plenty of branches to hang your favorite Christmas decorations and lights. The tree stands at the height of 5.5ft with a 29in diameter at the base.

The tree features a metal stand and hinged branches for easy setup. The tree requires you to shape and spread the branches manually.

YuQi Silver Pop-Up Christmas Tree

If you’re looking to liven up your home over the holidays, this silver pop-up Christmas tree will do the trick. It features bright silver foliage and is collapsible for easy storage.

The tree doesn’t come with any decorations letting you decorate it how you wish. It’s 5ft tall and about 14-inches in diameter. This tree is sure to save you time, space, and money this holiday season.

Easy Treezy Pre-lit Christmas Tree

This tree boasts a super easy 60-second setup and tear-down. You’ll find this tree is highly realistic-looking with its lush foliage and dense branches. The slim design makes it great for tight spaces anywhere in your home.

The tree stands at 5.5ft and comes complete with LED lights and holiday decorations. Easy Treezy has a line of custom-designed Christmas trees to fit any home and any taste.

If you’re looking for an environmentally and space-friendly tree, you will love this Christmas tree.

Best Flat Space-Saving Christmas Trees

These popular flat Christmas trees are sure to bring you some delight this holiday season.

Pre-lit Green Pine Artificial Tree

This 7ft flat tree features lush, lively branches. It’s flat back, and flexible hinged boughs make it a space saver against any wall or corner. The tree comes with warm, steady lights.

Setup is a breeze with this one-piece tree with a stand. The tree base comes to a little over 3ft wide and weighs 15lbs.

DermaPAD Lighted Christmas Wall Tree

This flat wall tree is flat on both sides but features lush deep green branches. It will take a second look for anyone to notice that it’s not a traditional round tree.

The tree comes pre-lit and lightly pre-decorated, giving you room to add your decorations and ornaments. The tree is 4ft tall and attaches right to the wall. This tree will save you lots of space and can hang anywhere you have the open wall area.

Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Complete with lush, realistic foliage, hinged boughs, and lights, this flat tree will look realistic along any wall or in any corner. It comes with a sturdy metal stand and a bag for easy storage.

The tree comes in a 7.5ft and 9ft height, making it a fantastic choice for those with high ceilings but limited floor space. While this tree is an investment, it will last you for years.

Find Your Perfect Tree

Get your home ready for the holidays with ease by using a space-saving Christmas tree. Not only will you love how great they look, but you can enjoy moving and using your home without worrying about bumping that Christmas tree.

Find the perfect tree for your home by checking out our great selection of space-saving trees to get your home ready for the holiday season.



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