Do you feel trapped in a small apartment surrounded by a busy city? You’re not alone. Throughout the entire world, 54% of our population live in small homes within dense cities.

It’s not always easy living in small quarters. A cramped living style makes comfortability difficult.

This is why it’s so important to find ways to make your living space feel more substantial than reality.

To start, try experimenting with different living room layouts. The living room is the key place for relaxation, and if you can’t get cozy there, then it’ll be hard to unwind anywhere.

Keep reading to learn all about how to get the most out of any living room!

Portable Desk

Living in a small space means we often don’t have the room for a full desk. Yet, when it comes time to work from home or browse the Internet during our downtime, a desk is a huge asset.

That’s where portable desks come in; small and light enough to use anywhere, even outside the living room.

These little desks sit upon your lap or stand on short supports around your legs. They’re often large enough for both your laptop and some paper or pens. Some even come with small drawers or cubbies to let you keep extra supplies on hand.

If you want to free up some space in your living room setup, get rid of the big desk and go for something portable.

Coffee Table With Built-In Seating

A pleasant living room furniture arrangement doesn’t only satisfy your needs. It also has to satisfy any guests you invite over.

Finding room for extra seating is like a difficult task when your living space is so small. A coffee table that takes care of additional seating for you is a huge help when you next host a party.

These coffee tables function as both a table and a ready-made storage place for the chairs. You lose out on extra shelves, but you gain the ability to offer your guests a place to sit without anyone needing to sit on the floor.

Corner Netting

Corners are often seen as an unusable area since it’s challenging to wedge things without looking awkward. When you live in a small area, you need to take advantage of every inch of living space available. So what to do with a corner area?

String up some colorful netting to make for interesting storage! This kind of loose shelving option is both cheap and flexible. String up as many “shelves” as you want, and make them as wide as you need.

Ensure the netting and the fasteners are strong enough to hold the weight before placing anything valuable on there, though!

Armrest Table

Sometimes, it’s impossible to have a coffee table at all, but you still want a place to rest your drink or a good book. Armrest tables are the perfect solution to this problem.

They’re a great addition to small living room layout ideas because they don’t get in the way. Take them out when you need extra horizontal space and store them away when you don’t need them anymore. It’s a lot easier to use these than to hold your drink throughout the entire movie!

Hidden Compartment Couch

Couches are the centerpiece of any living room. The problem is that, regardless of how comfy they are, couches take up a lot of space. Our ideal solution is to find couches that multifunction as storage.

Underneath each cushion is a section to store away whatever you need. Blankets, extra seating, even snacks all fit in these secret compartment couches!

The best part is that these couches feel as luxurious as regular couches. Your guests won’t ever guess that they’re sitting on anything different from usual.

Bar Essentials

Those who often love to entertain guests have a lot of bar essentials that we use to whip up some tasty beverages during the party. It isn’t easy to figure out where to store all of these things when they’re not in use. Even more so if your kitchen is a small alcove with no cabinets.

A storage container like this is a great way to get the best of both worlds. You’ll have a place to store all of your drink-making tools, and it gives you a horizontal space in which to make those drinks.

Vertical Lamp Shelves

Using vertical space is such an important concept for anyone who lives in a smaller home. That’s why these vertical lamps come with lots of shelves tucked underneath.

Instead of having the lamp take up space on a table, use a lamp that gives more space than it takes. The lamp sits on top of the shelving unit, giving you many places to tuck away your belongings without taking away anything in return.

Door Hanging Organizers

No room for organizational furniture? No problem! There’s plenty of unused space right on the back of all the doors in your home.

With one of the organizers hanging off the back of the door, you’ll open up a considerable amount of storage space. Get them in a color that matches the rest of your home so that it meshes well within your living room setup.

As an alternative, you can find smaller versions of these kinds of organizers that fit on the end of desks and tables. Give yourself some extra shelving room in your living room desk or your coffee table by sticking these on the ends.

Use Clever Living Room Layouts to Create a Space-Saving Paradise

It doesn’t take much to find the kind of living room layouts that work best for your needs. With a few simple changes, you’ll free up a lot of space to make your time far more comfortable at home.

Whenever things start to feel a little too cramped, come back to this list to give you plenty of ideas on how to fix the problem. You’ll be back to feeling relaxed again in no time!

For even more space maximization, don’t forget to check out our other multifunctional items!



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