Space Saving Essentials for Remote Work in Small SpacesAround seven million people work from home in America. If you are joining their ranks, it’s going to take a moment to adjust to a new remote work lifestyle.

This is especially true if you live — and now work — in a tight space. Just because working from home is popular doesn’t mean it’s always comfortable.

With emails, assignments, and deadlines coming in, you’ve got enough to worry about. Check off every item on this list of space-saving essentials for remote work in your small space to make your home office a productive oasis!

Space Saving Desk Setup

Don’t think you have room in your home for a proper desk? Think again — there are tons of space-saving styles for you to choose from.

A dedicated work station is one of your home office must haves. Once you pick out your place, you can decide what kind of desk can go there.

You can get a leaning ladder desk where the ladder steps are space-saving shelves. There are slim standing-sitting desk units mounted on wheels, like the Topeakmart Mobile Compact Computer Desk Cart so you can take it to another room for a quiet Zoom meeting.

Bonus: If there’s absolutely no space, you can always mount a drop leaf to the wall to create an instant and foldable desk space.

Computer Trays

Do you really and truly don’t have one square inch of room to spare for a dedicated desk? A computer tray for beds or couches is the way to go.

Just because it’s called a laptop doesn’t mean it has to sit on your lap. You can block the fans (not to mention make your legs hot) plus you need support.

You can get a foldable tray that sets up easily in bed or anywhere else in your place. Get one that adjusts to any angle so that you can easily relax in bed or on your couch while meeting your deadlines.

Space Saving Headphones

Headphones are essential for working from home. You need them to block out extra noise, focus on your conference call audio, or just playing some music to keep you happy and productive.

Even the slimmest headphones with wires will get tangled up or even damaged. Big, bulky headphones might be fashionable but they take up space and are a pain to take on and off all day.

Get an easy stick-on or clamp-on headphone holder that mounts under your desk. That way they’re out of the way and won’t get tangled.

If using the space under your desk is not an ideal solution for you, perhaps mounting your headphones to the side of your monitor might be. Perfect solution to free up your desk surface but also have your headphone in a secure and easy to reach area.

Expand Your Storage

Even the most bare-bones desk can get a little extra storage added on. There are tons of great drawers and shelves you can mount on even the most cramped workspace.

Add on a full-size pull out drawer with smooth sliding tracks to store documents out of the way. If you have larger items you need to have nearby, there’s an option for you, too.

vertical hanging desk organizer perfectly attaches to your desk without any extra parts. Just slide it on and voila — your storage increases instantly!

Corner Shelving

Are you crammed into a tight and awkward space? You can still make it work with the right tools.

It’s easier than you think to find shelving that fits neatly into a corner. The Safco Onyx Mesh Corner Organizer is stylish and creates a tidy solution for all of your miscellaneous office supplies.

Keep pens, highlighters and more at the ready with pencil holders that attach directly to your monitor. That way they’ll be floating by your hand when you need to jot down any inspirational notes.

Adjustable shelves conform to whatever spaces you place them in. Whether it’s a corner or flat against a wall, these handy shelves keep reference material at the ready right on your desktop.

Some of them even come in multiple height and width configurations. You’re guaranteed to find the right fit.

Up and Out of the Way

Let’s say you have a desk and a full sized computer. If your desk is short on space, it can feel claustrophobic cramming a monitor, keyboard, and more on top of it.

Get it up and out of the way with a desk riser. It’s an addition to your desk top that gives you more vertical space.

You can prop your monitor on top of a VIVO Tempered Glass Surface, Smart Computer Monitor and Laptop Riser Stand and put it at the best distance for your eyes. Some even come with shelves to store extra items.

Conference Calls Made Easy

Working from home means you have to take conference calls on your phone. Don’t just prop your phone up on a ledge; get a set up that makes things easier on you.

A book/tablet holder is a great option for video chats on your tablet. It can also do double duty as a place to put a second screen during regular work hours.

Don’t like the way you look on camera? Sometimes all you need is some great lighting.

Pick up a portable ring light with a stand and a grip for holding your phone. This all-in-one product saves space and does it all.

With three settings on the ring light, you can get just the right glow. You’ll be prepared and professional whenever you need to hold a conference call with remote co-workers, potential clients, or interviewers. What makes this truly unique is its ability to completely collapsible and also has a small foot print when in use.

More Space Saving Essentials for Remote Work

This list will help you get started on creating a work space that’s efficient, comfortable, and enhances productivity. You’ll see results after adding these space saving essentials for remote work.

Working from home can be a lot of things — freeing, stressful, flexible, overwhelming. Make sure you make it a positive one by creating a work space that works best for you.

Looking for more small space inspiration? We’ve got it for every room of your house.

You’ll find more storage options and space saving items to free up your tight area. Check out our great selection of office equipment and discover how to add more room in your home!



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