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Are you looking for stylish, space-saving ideas to hide an office in your home? Working from home certainly has its benefits. There’s a shorter commute time from the kitchen to your desk.

You don’t have to shell out money for expensive lunches at pricey restaurants. And you get to spend more quality time with your family.

On the other hand, your family can get in the way of your workday. Especially when you’re working at the kitchen table. That doesn’t do much for productivity.

But when your office area is out of the way from the usual activity in the house, it can help you buckle down and get to work. 

If you don’t have an extra room for an office where you can close the door, consider creating a work area in a quiet nook or cranny in your living room. Here are seven ideas to hide an office in and around the living room.

1. Curtain Call

curtain-in-living-room-as-dividercurtain in living room as divider 1

Partitioning off your living room to create a cozy workspace is a great idea. You can close the curtain when you need extra privacy and want to get away from the other activity in the house. Out of sight, out of mind.

Decorate your space in a way that inspires you to get to work. Put up motivational posters and affirmations. Place some plants around your workspace. Of hang some wallpaper that gets you in a productive yet peaceful mood.

Don’t worry if the wallpaper doesn’t coordinate with the rest of your living room. You can draw your curtains and close up shop at the end of the day.

Just make sure your curtain matches the color palette of the rest of your living room. Then you’ll be good to go.

2. Clean Out a Spare Closet


Do you know that spare closet with your Christmas decorations that you can easily store in the garage? It’s located off the living room? Consider cleaning out that space if it’s large enough to make it an office.

Even better if there’s enough room to close the door behind you when the kids come home from school or from playing outdoors. You may be saying,” a closet? No way.

But before you dismiss the idea, take a look and see if it provides the space to fit your desk. You can add some little touches and you won’t even realize it’s a closet, anymore.

Paint the interior with a refreshing color like a pastel blue or green. Or maybe a bright, modern color palette is more your office style. Put up plenty of shelving for storage. You can use floating shelves or a shelving unit.

A built-in desk takes up little space. Add a few more personal touches. You just may love your new way to hide an office.

3. Install Bifold Doors

bifold doorsinstall bifold doors

Do you have some wall space in your living room? Consider installing a pair of bifold doors you can use to transform a section of your living room wall into a lovely work area.

Bifold doors can be inviting. They come in beautiful wood tones. They might just be the most attractive area in your living room! They’re a great option because they easily blend into your living space.

You can get them in a prestained color. Or buy some that are unfinished and stain them to your liking. All you need is a desk, laptop or desktop computer, space for your printer, and some cheery decor, and you’ve created an office.

4. Built-in Furniture Makes a Great Place to Hide an Office


Don’t need much room for your office space? Consider a built-in wall unit. Built-in furniture makes a great solution to hide your office. Especially when it comes with a pair of doors. Consider rearranging your living room layout to maximize the space.

Built-ins are perfect for a laptop and a shelf. Get a piece with two shelves for storage and a built-in desk. Slide in a comfortable chair. Make sure to place it near an electrical outlet, so you have a good power source.

5. High Ceiling Office Space

office loft ideaoffice loft idea2

Does your living room have high ceilings? Or perhaps a loft area? Then look up high for your home office solution. It’s a functional way to take advantage of that extra ceiling space in your home.

Get a comfortable ladder that’s easy to walk up and down. And make sure you have enough room to walk around without hitting your head. If your ceilings are high enough to meet these requirements, you’re all set.

If you have big windows, this brings in the natural light. And you’ll get some vitamin D. This helps increase your energy, especially after lunch when we get a little sleepy.

Decorate your space with flowers and greenery. Put up some of your favorite artwork. Add the essentials to do your work. No one will know you’re home.

6. Under the Stairs

If you don’t live in a ranch home, there’s a chance your home comes with an upstairs and downstairs. This means you have a stairway. And most likely, it’s off your living room.

If you have a nook under your stairs that’s large enough to hide an office, that makes a perfect area to put your home office. As long as you don’t have people running up and down the stairs all day.

Grab an ergonomic chair. Measure the space to fit your desk. If it doesn’t fit or you’re looking for a change, treat yourself to a new “space-saving desk setup” by changing your setup. Place a family photo or two on your desk and connect your electronics to a power source.

If you don’t have a plug under the stairs, run an extension cord. You’d be surprised how easy they can be to hide.

7. Hide An Office With a Screen Divider

Another way to hide an office is with screen divider panels. People use them to separate areas to create a functional or intimate space.

Screen dividers come in a variety of styles. You can find some to match Asian decor, antique style. Or some with a modern flair. Partition your desk area. Choose office lighting and you’ve created an inspiring space for work.

7 Amazing Ways to Use Your Living Room to Hide An Office

You’ve discovered seven terrific ways to hide an office in and around your living room. Try one or try a few and see which office style resonates with your preferences.

Are you happy with your current home office setup? In the market for something new? Check out our product line featuring a variety of attractive styles and brands you’ll love.



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